‘Tis the season


This past year, we as a family realized how blessed we are. 

And not because of things.   
We have each other.

We have our health.

We have a roof over our head and food to eat everyday.

  Selah is now at an age where I felt she is starting to understand  more. So we wanted to find a way to make sure she focused on what really mattered this Christmas.

Do not pass by a man in need, for you may be the Hand of God for him. Proverbs 3:27

We took her out to our city’s downtown area, and we delivered pizzas and waters to those in need. 

If anyone was wondering where our littlest elf was at this time , she was passed out in her car seat. This is how we know it was God’s hand at work. She was asleep until the last pizza was delivered !! 🙌

It was such an eye opening experience for us as a family and put so much into perspective. While most of us were anxious for stuff  on that morning( that probably cost a fortune and will entertain us for days, weeks maybe?) There were people thrilled about getting a meal and clean water … accepting them as if we were handing them a winning lottery ticket. 

I don’t think there is anything wrong with nice things or  wanting to let your kids have nice things. 

“It is good and fitting for one to eat and drink, and to enjoy the good of all his labor in which he toils under the sun all the days of his life which God gives him; for it is his heritage. As for every man to whom God has given riches and wealth, and given him power to eat of it, to receive his heritage and rejoice in his labor—this is the gift of God” (Ecclesiastes 5:18-19

But we can’t forget those that we have the ability to help.  

I am 100% guilty of being self absorbed in my own little world. It shames me to think that I probably pass by these same people every week  and never really thought about doing this until a holiday rolled around. 

We have been so blessed to be part of a church that has taught us the importance of being the hands and feet of Christ. We are constantly surrounded by people that are extending God’s love in every way, and that is what inspired us. 

This idea was completely unoriginal. We once heard of someone at our church doing it and loved it. We decided that’s what we wanted to do as well. 

But that’s the beauty of doing good. You don’t need to do some completely original, extravagant act .You just do it. 

God doesn’t care who or where the idea came from. 

 And Those things  definitely don’t matter to those on the receiving end.

People are feeling the love of Christ.

People are being fed. 

“If you really want to receive joy and happiness, then serve others with all your heart. Lift their burden, and your own burden will be lighter.”

Ezra Taft Benson

And if you do happen to come up with something completely amazing, original, mindblasting!, Kudos to you! Let’s  hope someone copies you😀

As a family, we want to be more intentional about showing love to those that need it the most. We want to raise children that may learn the importance of putting others first. We’re not perfect, and we will  inevitably mess up this whole parenting thing thousands of times… but if we can teach these girls that one lesson, I’ll be a happy mama. And what better way to teach them, then to go out and lead by example?

A new year is coming up. Start it off being the person you want to be. 



George Family Sundays❤️


When I was younger, I didn’t have any pictures of myself. My parents came from India and left without any baby pictures of me. And as a family growing up, we never really took any. 

Maybe that’s why I’m so camera obsessed with my family. I don’t want my girls to wonder ” what did I look like when I was younger? How did I dress? (fabulously btw, girls, you’re welcome🙌 )

I love that you can look at a picture and get taken back to a moment and just, stay there. I love seeing us evolve as a family. I know these girls are getting older and will eventually be “too cool” to take pictures with their parents 😭 , so while they enjoy it, I’ll take advantage of it❤️. 

If you are able to, I urge you to take pictures with your loved ones as often as possible. You don’t need to be a #mamarazzi like yours truly🙈 , but have something to look back on. 




So , exactly 1 week from today, I will be 30!! I am so excited because I feel like, I am entering into an exciting new decade. There was so much good and bad in my 20s, but there was a very important fact that I learned towards the end: You determine your happiness. It is no one else’s responsibility to make you happy. Once I came to that realization, I feel like my life did a complete 180. I stopped waiting for people and things to dictate my feelings. So, in honor of turning 30, I wanted to share my list of 30 things I do to keep me in a happy state of mind ! It’s helped me and I hope it helps you! 

1. get a hobby

2. weed out the negative people

3. add some positive people

4. go for walks

5. be happy with what you have

6. work harder if you want more

7. be happy for others success 

8. learn to laugh 

9. prioritize the things in your life

10. organize your life

11. color

12. learn to go with the flow

13. take lots of pictures 

14. journal

15. have “me” time

16. volunteer 

17. give cheerfully

18. have family time

19. find your purpose

20. Believe in Something. 

21. be nice

22. work on yourself everyday 

23. encourage others 

24. don’t sweat the petty things

25. don’t hold grudges

26. keep your word

27. try to be a role model 

28. eat what you want 

29. do what you love

30. don’t let others tell you who you need to be.

Choose to be happy. 

What do you do to help keep you in a happy state of mind ? 

She Doesn’t Need A Label. 

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Growing up , I was on the petite side, so I would always hear the same comments from people:

“OMG you are so skinny.”

Do you eat?”

Now, many years,2 kids and 9,876 pizzas later ( I’m absolutely sure I’m underestimating that one ) the comments aren’t directed at me, but I still hear them.

Unfortunately, now they are directed towards my daughter.

My 3 year old daughter. 

People often feel the need to tell her how small she is. How skinny she is. What we should add to her diet. 

Some people may not think being told your “small” is the worst thing in the world. But now I have a 3 year old daughter that is soaking in every word everyone says like a sponge. And every time someone makes a comment about who she is, or how she is, it affects her.

Any label in general towards a child is unnecessary. Too big, too small, too loud, too quiet. 
What are we trying to accomplish when we say those things?
Do we like when we are negatively labeled? 
What makes a person think that a child won’t have those same feelings?
I am sure most people are not saying these things to be hurtful or judgmental on purpose. I am just trying to shed light on a subject that many parents may usually skim over because , maybe they don’t want to be confrontational, or at the moment it may not seem like an issue. 

But insecurities are not genetic. You aren’t born feeling like you were too loud, or too quiet, or too weak or too small. At some point, you were labeled as such. 

Let’s stop that cycle with this generation.

Let’s just let our children , be children. Give them a chance to figure out who they are, what they are, without our labels dissuading them. 

Let them not believe they have to change who they are to be accepted as normal. 

Let them be happy with the way they look. The world will eventually try to tell them they need to change because it’s not good enough. Let them have these precious few years where they just don’t care. 

In the wise words of Billy Dean , let’s just “let them be little.” 

Norah’s Finding Dory themed 1st Birthday party 

That Mom life

We  had such a wonderful time celebrating Norah’s first birthday! We decided to keep it small and simple. I realized there was no point in going overboard because , I did that the first time, and let’s be honest, Selah does not remember or care about her first birthday! So we kept the guest list intimate and the decorations very low cost!

                        A very simple welcome sign!

construction paper goes a long way with decorations ! 😀 

The net was actually Selah’s indoor soccer net!

It’s nice to look around your house and see what you already have on hand that you can use before you start buying your decorations. 

 I got the pictures developed from Walgreens . There are always coupon codes available for Walgreens photos, so I was able to upload all her 1st year pictures from my phone and develop them for less than 6 bucks! The rest of the pictures were randomly placed all throughout the house.

I found the idea on Pinterest for the streamer seaweeds! such a cute and  inexpensive way to decorate all of the wall space if you are doing any kind of underwater theme!🙌

The background was just plain blue gift wrapping paper. Cost less than $4 a roll. And again , construction paper for the win!🙌

Another Pinterest find! Just a balloon, 2 small white paper plates for the eyes, black marker to color it in, and streamers for the legs( are they called legs??) Another easy way to decorate all around the room or makes a great center decoration .

If you are in an area that has a Publix, always go with a Publix cake! The smash cake is free with the purchase of a 1/4 sheet cake. Besides, its ridiculously delicious. Actually, just go to Publix for everything. Always. Yay Publix🙌

the backdrop for the smash cake setting is just a blue sheet we already had. We tacked that up to the wall and I just cut and pasted some 1 signs. I had actually pasted some of her 1 year pics on the sheet too… but I guess I took this picture before I did that😐

That was it! Simple and sweet! Of course it’s your baby’s party, so if you want to go all out… go for it ! For us, we just realized we didn’t want to deal with all of that hassle again this time around ! Happy planning! 😀

5 Things You don’t realize You’ll miss.

That Mom life

Does 12 months really go by this fast??? It’s bittersweet. There is a part of me that’s so excited to see what will become of this fiesty  little beaut. But at the same time, I realized there are so many things I will miss!

When I first had Selah, I was so anxious for her to grow up because I felt like the  first few months were so tough. Little did I know those were actually some of the easier days I would have…

In honor of my littlest bug Norah , I put together a list of


#5. Teeny tiny baby cry   

-It’s true. You may think it’s hard to listen to right now, but just wait. It gets worse. Instead  of a faint sweet baby cry ( that’s what I call it now , looking back) it will turn into shrill screeches. My husband and I like to call Norah’s  cry,the elephant-cat. yes, it’s as annoying as it sounds😖

#4. napping for 18 hours a day

the 8 times a day quickly turn into 5, then 3,2, then you just pray that some point in the day they look at your face, have a little mercy, and allow you to take a 5 minute break😬

#3.  the easy appetite 

– hungry? boob or bottle. those were your options. As they get older, mealtimes get fun, but definitely require a little more thought!  The worst is spending X amount of time making (what you think)!is the ultimate meal, and watching it end up all over the floor😬

#2. easy to please 

– enjoy these days where they are thrilled with cardboard boxes and wrapping paper.

#1. no talking back

– When I had Selah, I thought I’d be so anxious to hear those first words…and I was! It was all the words that came after those first words that drove me crazy. I look at my 1 year old that only says Mama,dada,and bubbles!, and  just want to hold on to those innocent moments a little bit longer. As I listen to my threenager talk, reason, argue, complain … I  realize how much I will miss those simple words. Whether  it’s at 3 or 13…I promise, it’s coming😬

There is beauty in every season. Enjoy these moments now while they last because who knows what the future holds.


It’s a Mad World. 


It’s been a little over a month since the tragic shooting here in Orlando. Since then, there have been police shootings, deadly protests, the attack in France, the attack in Germany…

I could (unfortunately) go on, but..

All of this made me so tired.

It made me scared.

It made me worried about the world my girls are growing up in.

So I told myself  I had 3 options:

  1. I could continue to live tired,scared, and worried..
  2. I could live in sheer ignorance and believe none of this affects  me personally so I don’t have to worry.
  3. I could find a way to rise above and move on each day.

I suppose I could go with option #1, but who wants to live like that?  I am raising girls that I hope will one day be strong and courageous women. The one way I can be sure that will happen is by being the example.

Maybe you can try and see if option #2 works for you. But after tragedy struck so close to home, I realized that was no longer a choice for me. It happened here. There are 49 less people in my town because of what happened here.  

After the shooting in Orlando, I felt like my safe bubble was popped. I prided myself in living in ( what I believe to be) the most family-friendly city. We have Disney, parks at every corner, churches on every street, year around beach weather. This is where people come to raise kids, vacation, retire. This is not where those tragedies happen.

You can keep telling yourself it won’t affect you, but how will you be able to deal with it if it does ?
So I had to find a way to rise above it all. To turn on the news, hear the bad, and recover from whatever tragic story is being spread on this day.

If you are like me and are just looking for some way to deal with the world we live in today, here’s a few things that have helped me  and will hopefully help you as well.


As a Christian, my hope is in Christ. I find peace in knowing  that This home is not eternal. This life , no matter how good or how bad it is, is only temporary. Every time I turn on the news, I have to remind myself of this. Clinging to that hope is the main thing that gives me the strength to go on every day.

Believe that there is still good out there. There are good people, good deeds, good stories that are going untold.  After the Pulse shooting, I was sickened to hear about the so called “Christian churches” that were praising the death of the victims . But while they were condemning and judging ( which btw, they have no authority to do, but that’s a post for a later day!) there were hundreds of churches in the area offering help in any way they could. There were true Christians that stood in the way of protestors when they were trying to sabatoge the funerals of these victims. These  were just a few examples, but throughout each tragedy, there were countless acts of kindness being shown by strangers. These acts  aren’t always “newsworthy” but they are happening every day.  Believe that goodness still exists.


Be the change you want to see in the world. – Gandhi

Instead of waiting to hear about the good things happening, why can’t we be the ones that are out there doing the good things?  I mentioned earlier that I have to lead by example for my girls. They will eventually learn that this world is not always a good place. But they will also learn that they have every opportunity to make it a better place.

I truly believe every single person has something  to offer. Whether it is giving financially or volunteering your time, do something.  

If you are so outraged by all the social injustices going on around us , do something. 

As long as we are alive, this is the world we are living in. How will you make it through these days?